Robin Garrido

Robin has over forty years' professional experience in the residential property sector. When he was made redundant at the age of 61, he made the decision to increase his public and charitable activities devoting his time to ForViva, serving as a Councillor on Salford City Council and on other bodies such as Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).

Robin regards the wishes of the community as paramount and strongly believes that consultation is the only way to achieve improvements needed by the local community. On this basis whether it be the local council and its various agencies or a housing provider, he believes the community and people must always come first.

It is because Robin wants to make sure that the correct services are provided and people treated in the way they deserve, that he became the interim Chair helping to establish construction firm City West Works Limited (later ForWorks) and becoming Chair until its merger with Liberty in 2018. He has recently been appointed chair of the ForViva Development Committee. Robin believes if ForViva is to continue to offer benefits and services which are important to people then it must grow and widen its activities for the ultimate benefit of tenants.