Community Impact Strategy 2015 – 2020

By 2020, residents will:

  • Have increased quality of life;
  • Where able to, be working and/or learning;
  • Feel that where they live is safe; and
  • Be actively contributing towards making their neighbourhood a great place to live. 

We will achieve these aims by working towards the following priority objectives in both the delivery of core services and partnership working.


  • Support a reduction in preventable deaths and increased life expectancy.
  • Enhance the quality of life for people with long term conditions.
  • Prevent avoidable harm by providing a safe environment.
  • Increase community physical activity and use of green space in neighbourhoods.
  • Eliminate any housing or support barrier that contributes to unnecessary admissions to or delayed discharge from hospital.

Education and Employment

  • Support an increase educational attainment levels across all ages.
  • Support a reduction in absence and truancy.
  • Increase numbers of adult learners.
  • Increase numbers of available pathways into sustainable employment.

Safe Communities

  • Increase feelings of safety.
  • Support partner agencies in reducing levels of ASB, crime and reoffending using a range of interventions.
  • Reduce levels of intervention by ForViva staff in neighbourhood dispute cases.


  • Increase community leadership and ownership of neighbourhood improvements.
  • Agree new standards of neighbourhood services with customers.
  • Build community resilience that is underpinned by greater customer self reliance.Increase satisfaction with the neighbourhood as a place to live.
  • Reduce the impact of public sector reform in our neighbourhoods.
  • Deliver more place-based service delivery in our operating areas.

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