Posted: 10/10/2018

A young Swinton resident who feared a future without a roof over his head is sharing his experiences on World Homeless Day (Wednesday 10 October) in a moving new film.

Paul Kelly was living in temporary accommodation just one year ago having spent several years of his childhood in care. Thanks to specialist support from housing association ForViva through its Resettlement Passport scheme, Paul is coming up to the one-year anniversary of moving into his new flat and has spoken about his journey to independence in the new video, launched today.

Paul commented: “When I moved to Eccles it was only temporary as I was only allowed to stay there until I was 18, and so I wasn’t sure where I was going to end up afterwards. Housing Passport helped me to find a home and understand how to manage living on my own.”

In addition to supporting Paul with finding a permanent place to live, Paul was offered training and support from ForViva in managing finances and maintaining his new home. Since moving in January, Paul is now completing a social care and health course and university and has ambitions to become a nurse. He also commits his own time to volunteering at his local scout group.

Paul added: “Housing Passport really helped to understand how to manage living by myself. Things like bills were completely new to me, so they explained all the things I’d need to pay for and helped me to work out all my costs including other necessities such as food. I’m really enjoying college and excited about the future and my ambitions to become a nurse.”

Matt Jones, Managing Director of City West Housing Trust which is part of the ForViva Group, said: “It’s been amazing to see the transformation Paul has been through, which is testament to his focus and determination.

“Paul is an inspirational example of someone who has been able to turn his life around despite being on the cusp of homelessness and I’m sure his story will resonate with everybody who watches the video.

“World Homeless Day encourages us all to think about those people who are most affected by homelessness. Everyone has the right to a safe, secure home and at ForViva we are committed to putting homelessness prevention at the heart of the services we offer as well as providing support and homes to those who need them most. We are proud to offer schemes like this which not only help people to find a home but also to thrive in life.”

You can watch this video here.

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