Posted: 03/07/2017

ForViva group member City West has received national recognition for the way it deals with anti-social behaviour (ASB). City West has been awarded HouseMark’s ASB accreditation for the third time, achieving 98% compliance.

Its ASB service was assessed on performance against seven areas including:

  • Demonstrating leadership and strategic commitment
  • Providing accessible and accountable services
  • Taking swift action to protect communities
  • Providing support for victims and witnesses
  • Encouraging individual and community responsibility
  • Focusing on prevention and early intervention
  • Embedding a value for money approach

An on-site assessment took place which involved interviews with staff and customers and a review of closed and current ASB cases.

The report acknowledged lots of positive outcomes the service has generated. These include:

  • An improved customer experience through focussing on the quality and consistency of ASB case management
  • Increased confidence from staff and the wider community and deterring potential perpetrators by publicising successful ASB outcomes
  • Getting issues resolved through a straightforward and accessible complaints service
  • Reducing ASB through diversionary activities that are delivered within the framework of the Community Impact Strategy
  • Achieving significant savings on external legal costs and improved enforcement performance and skills of the team through employing Community Safety Legal Officers
  • A positive and mature relationship with the Salford Community Safety Partnership

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