Linking Leaders - Colette's interview

Posted: 24/06/2020

At ForViva, we believe in the positive impact of women in business - we believe that when women and men work together towards gender equality we are stronger.

Yesterday Colette McKune, Group Chief Executive at ForViva was spreading the message about positive leadership far and wide!

“I believe that leaders should be compassionate and should have humility. We’re all human, we’ve all had bad days where we have worried about our family or finances”.

Colette and Leanne Linacre, co-founder of Lead5050, discussed putting people before profit during the Covid-19 crisis, the traits that Colette most admires in leaders and the importance of wellbeing.

"Wellbeing of staff and tenants needs to be at the forefront. Yes, we have to deliver services and make money, but my view is that all of that has to come secondary to keeping people safe".

You can tune in and watch the interview here on LinkedIn.

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