Hi, and welcome to my first attempt at ‘blogging’ – if you’ve read this far, it’s already appreciated! I want to share my thoughts and views on how we’re developing as a sector and the challenges and opportunities that await us – I’m hoping that this will generate some useful debate.

I have had the good fortune to work in this sector for 31 years now so have experienced a fair bit of change, to put it mildly! I started off working for Liverpool City Council during the ‘militant’ years; then I went to New Zealand to work for the New Zealand Housing Corporation; upon returning to the UK I spent several years working for two large traditional housing associations – Southern Housing Group and Moat Housing Group; after that, it was a move to the first of four stock transfer organisations – Pollards Hill Housing Association, followed by Poplar HARCA, then Incommunities (at the time known as Bradford Community Housing Trust) and then my current position as Chief Executive of City West Housing Trust in Salford.

I suppose that I’ve been able to develop quite a wide perspective on the sector having worked for a local authority, traditional associations and stock transfer associations, with a few years overseas thrown in for good measure. I’ve also worked in the north and south of the country and, believe me, both are equally challenging environments – it’s just that those challenges are very different.

So that’s a bit about my background and how I’ve got (or stumbled – because there was no great planning or vision involved!) to where I am now. Next time I’m going to write about why, in spite of all the doom and gloom that seems to be pervading our sector, I feel more optimistic than I ever have that the future will be very bright.

Thank you and I hope that you’ll check out my next blog, coming soon. In the meantime I’ve just joined Twitter so you can follow me at @TimDoyleCW.

Tim Doyle, Group Chief Executive at ForViva

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