New approach to tackling homelessness in Cheshire West and Chester

In April 2018, ForViva took over as Cheshire West and Chester Council’s (CW&C) homeless support services provider, as part of a new approach to tackling homelessness across the borough.

Delivered under the brand name forfutures, the partnership brings together four previous contracts into one joined up service.

The forfutures team is bringing a fresh approach by focusing on providing support and advice that will help prevent homelessness before it happens, as well as access to temporary and permanent accommodation and emergency beds for those who find themselves sleeping rough.

The service is working with people to help them understand what led to them facing homelessness, supporting them to make positive changes and building their resilience to face future challenges.

A mediation service will offer support to families and landlords to keep people in their own homes before they become homeless, while advice Hubs and a ‘floating’ support service is allowing the team to engage with people in locations and at times that works for them.

Targeted support is also available for young people, in particular 16/17 year olds, and this service is being co-designed with young people.

Outreach teams are currently working in partnership with the voluntary sector to engage with rough sleepers and provide access to support services available.

Over 400 customers are currently being supported to prevent them from becoming homeless, and to enable those living in temporary and support accommodation to become more independent and improve their futures.

This is being delivered through a more personal approach to assessing and planning according to individual circumstances.

The contract will run for the next nine years and ForViva will work in partnership with the Council, supporting them to deliver their extended duties under the Homeless Reduction Act 2017.

It forms part of ForViva’s commitment to improving the lives of local people.

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