At ForViva, we believe there is a better way to do business. One that gives back, that uses profits for good and focuses on making a positive impact in communities.

This is what I am committed to as I start as Group Chief Executive at ForViva.

The entire Group is united by one shared vision: Improved lives. We want to act as a force for good by bringing an end to inequality, enabling positive change in communities and making a difference to people’s lives.

My own passion for change is deep rooted.

Prior to moving into the housing sector, there were many times when I have faced discrimination and inequality.

Discrimination of any kind has no place in our society. I want to be part of a society where diversity is celebrated and everyone has a fair opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Our recent Balance for Better roundtable, as part of International Women’s Day, was an opportunity for colleagues from across ForViva to talk about their own experiences and listen to the views of others.

These conversations were enlightening and empowering and have inspired changes to our HR and recruitment policies which we are pledging to take forward.

We want to make sure job opportunities are reaching more people and that they are flexible for different lives and situations.

I am also committed to inspiring, influencing and empowering others to challenge prejudice through my role as a member of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority LGBT Panel.

By increasing awareness, sensitivity and understanding of equality issues within the business community and wider society, we will play our role in ending discrimination.

Ending homelessness

The homelessness crisis is a national tragedy. Societal inequality could not be more evident.

That’s why tackling and preventing homelessness is at the forefront of our work at ForViva.

A safe and secure home is the building block to a better life. Everyone, regardless of age, status or circumstance, should have a safe and secure place to live.

Our strategy focuses on preventing homelessness before it happens and building strong partnerships with organisations passionate about improving lives.

As a profit-for-purpose business, we invest profits in the prevention of homelessness by building new homes and supporting tenants to remain in their current homes through advice and practical assistance.

This approach is already making a real difference.

Through forfutures we are delivering a single, integrated homeless support service for Cheshire West and Chester Council that includes dedicated street outreach support and specialist support services.

In Greater Manchester, we have just started work on a £3.7 million development to address the shortage of low-cost supported accommodation available to people at risk of homelessness.

As we strive to eradicate homelessness and inequality we must be aware that success will not be achieved overnight. It will take years to unpick some of the challenges we face.

But day by day and week by week, we can make a difference.

If we re-think the way we do business, work collaboratively and invest profits we can have a positive impact across communities.

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